Saturday, May 19, 2012


Do you like my new look? I do. :)

Guys, my blog needs a revamp. Not just in the look, but in purpose. For the most part, I've been gearing my blog toward my friends, trying to write about stuff you guys might find interesting in a way you might find interesting. (It's entirely possible that I've been failing miserably on that...) Anyway, I've begun to realize that what I really want to do is get more into my niche and start blogging more like an English-major aspiring-travel-writer. And I want to be more like a real blogger and maybe actually get other people in this world to read my blog. (Who knows, we'll see...)

My first instinct was to create a new blog for my new purpose. But, at least for now, I've decided not to do that. I've tried that before and I haven't been too successful. I also think I might need to get the hang of blogging more before I go creating more blogs. So I'm going to stick it out with this one and see if I can't make it work. (I have a relationship with my blog...I just don't want to break up...)

This means several of my old posts will be deleted. Let's face it--I wrote a lot of really dumb stuff! And I don't necessarily want that to be in the archive for all to read (and judge me for). I'm in for a fun walk down memory lane with my blog. Yippee. (Sometimes my walks down memory lane involve less nostalgia and more covering my face and moaning in shame.)

(Yeah, so maybe my past-bad-writing guilt is a little extreme. I'm a perfectionist.)

Anyway, I'm telling you this for two reasons. One, so you have the opportunity to go down memory lane with me if you so desire and read the old posts before they are gone (but I advise strongly against it; it's really not worth your time...). Two (this one is more important), so you're aware that this blog won't be the same as it used to be. Since I'm going to be reaching out to a different audience, I'm going to be writing about things you might not care Victor Hugo and Italy and books you may not have heard of. (Although I don't know how you could possibly not care about Italy.) These are the things I really care about and this is what I want to be doing someday for a career, so it's about time I got started.

Here's to a brighter and more wonderful tomorrow for the blog! See you soon!

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